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" I Would Love To Be Your Baker!"


Twin Barbie cakes for twins
Grayson and Addison

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John Deere Theme

"Love Is Sweet"
Wedding Shower Theme

Surprise birthday party for
college student, Felicia
All items are cake except
Felicia's photo
in the sugar frame.

Heather & Isiah's
Wedding Cake

Tiny Bundle Theme

 This napkin is the "Tiny Bundle" Collection, and was the inspiration for the baby shower cake

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A Ladybug for "Braylee"
1st Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty's Flying In The Clouds
Four Little Birthdays!
Thank you Diana.


Hello Kitty



Vanessa's Baby Shower Cake 

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"Whoooo Loves You Baby"
Baby Shower Cake &
Matching Cookies

"Whoooo Loves You Baby"
Baby Shower Cookies

A Ladybug for "Braylee"
1st Birthday Cake


Evan's 12th Birthday



"Love Is Sweet"
Wedding Shower hosted by the bridesmaids of Shawna Hubert


"Hoot Owl" Theme
Baby Shower Cake & Cookies

Oliver's Toy Story Cake 

"Toy Story" Theme
Happy Birthday Oliver, 2 years old!

"Toy Story" Theme Cake

Congratulations Shawna & Josh!
Shawna and Josh
are to be married August 5th!


This Cinderella dream wedding cake
boasts round and hexagon tiers draped with elegant ruffles and trellised in lattice. Shimmery doves flutter in oval windows.

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Baby Frog Themed Shower Cookies
Buttery soft sugar cookies with hand decorated royal icing.  This is not an overly sweet cookie, instead it is the kind of sugar cookie that you just can't quit eating.   Everyone who has tried them orders a few dozen with every cake order.  They are truely the finishing touch to any dessert table!

Hummingbird Cake 

White Satin Cake With Rasberry Filling, Buttercream Frosting and
White Chocolate
Decorated Celebration Cake
Canterbury Choral Society's
Trip To China

Cake Theme:
"Sing Like No One Is Listening"

Happy Father's Day! 
For a special
domino playing dad!

The chick on the left is the cake
The chick on the right is mom's 65 year old cookie jar.

I made the "chickie" birthday cake on the left to resemble the cookie jar my mom and dad received as a wedding gift 65 years ago.  The occasion was mom's 85th birthday party. No one knew it was a cake, they thought it was part of the decorations.  Happy Birthday Mom!

Baby froggy themed shower cake
with moist, decadent chocolate cake, smooth buttercream 
frosting and precious froggy
baby with ladybug and pacifier blissfully napping on his poofy little blanket and lily pad.

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Elegant pink fondant and buttercream cake with hand  sculpted roses, grapes, day & calla lilies
  Cake Flavors:
(All except Ghirardelli Chocolate &
White Satin require extra charge
when made as wedding cakes)

"Creek Bottom" Cake
German Chocolate Cake
Italian Cream Cake
Red Velvet Cake
Hummingbird Cake
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Blue Ribbon Carrot Cake
Dreamsicle Cream Cake
White Satin/Buttercream Cake
 Precious, isn't it!  This sweetheart makes an  especially beautiful
wedding or baby
shower cake!

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1/4 sheet Birthday Cake
Ghirardelli Chocolate Cake & Filling, Buttercream icing with carmel "net", chocolate planks, royal icing sculpted Large Mouth Bass and
Deep-Wee-R lure. 
Deer Creek's
"Real Deal Deep South Red Velvet Cake"
Italian Cream Cake

German Chocolate Cake
Double or triple Layer
iced chocolate & pecans
Deer Creek
Traditional German Chocolate

 Blue Ribbon Carrot Cake


Traditional Satin White Wedding cake with buttercream roses and elegant 
embossing.  A simple, very
affordable cake that can be customized with silk flowers or your theme colors. 

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Sugar Cookies
Decorated To Match Your Theme


BancFirst Auto Loan 
Campaign  Cake & Matching Cookies

Stroud Senior Living Center's
August Birthdays Cake

Stroud October Birthdays Cake

Stroud November Birthdays Cake

One of the matching cookies
 for the "Whooo Loves You BabY"
baby shower

Deer Creek Bakery's
"Creek Bottom" Cake
Unbelievably moist  and delicious, our "Creek Bottom" Cake crosses a german chocolate cake and a southern pecan pie.  If you love those two desserts like we do, you will love, love, love this gently sweet, pecan filled wonder!


 Cake Flavors:

"Creek Bottom" Cake
German Chocolate Cake
Italian Cream Cake
Red Velvet Cake
Hummingbird Cake
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Blue Ribbon Carrot Cake
Dreamsicle Cream Cake
White Satin/Buttercream Cake


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